Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free Music Downloadz

Hey kids!

Some of the bands on our roster have album downloads available alllllll across the interweb, so I'm tryna link them in one [or a few] cohesive blog posts.

ANTN HRKWK's album Mutually Assured is available for free download on Recycling Records. I initially had trouble DLing the album as a whole, but was easily able to DL the MP3s individually from the track order listing.

HYENA's Towns EP, which was released this summer, has been reuploaded for everlasting download riiiiiight here. It's excellent. All the songs are about me. [Not true.]

RIC LEICHTUNG / CUNTLYSSES' older album was posted on the blog Jamband Josh Jodoin, which also has a lot of really tight album downloads that you should take take take before the RIAA cracks down on Josh.

These are all exxxcellent. More will be up soon!